Galbraith Blocklayers stack up a New Record
12,000 blocks in 9 days!

These Galbraith employees are Registered Master Bricklayers and Registered Structural Masons.

Article in The Nelson Mail, March 2009

Leigh Davis and Emmett Bensemann, two young men who recently completed their solid plastering apprenticeships with Galbraith Plasterers Limited, were selected to attend a specialist mouldings and decorative work strand. Only 10 people were selected nationwide and they learned the skills to run moulds from four master craftsmen, followed by a week putting what they had learned into practice while working to restore the Supreme Court Building in Wellington. For Galbraith Plasterers Limited is essential to have fully trained and qualified staff and we have trained 10 apprentices in the last 10 years.

Apprentice plasterers Leigh Davis, 22, left, and Emmett Benseman, 21, Galbraith Plasterers.

Article in Department of Building & Housing Codewords May 2009


Licensing a ‘great idea’, says first licensed external plasterer

The licensing scheme for building industry practitioners is a great idea, says the director of a Nelson plastering firm who has become the country’s first licensed external plasterer.

Barry Galbraith, who has 32 years’ industry experience, says the Licensed Building Practitioner (LBP) Scheme means that ultimately only people who are competent in their trade areas will be working in the industry.

‘I decided to become licensed because I believe the consumer deserves to have only competent or trade-qualified people doing work on their homes. The cowboys in the industry have damaged consumer confidence and this is one way to reduce that.’
Barry started a solid plastering apprenticeship after leaving school at 15. He now owns the company he started working for and employs 32 staff, and runs three other building-related companies.

‘I believe the consumer deserves to have only competent or trade-qualified people doing work on their homes’ – Barry Galbraith

He has trained 10 apprentices over the past nine years and, as Chair of the Building and Construction ITO’s National Advisory Group for Solid Plaster and Tile, he is a strong supporter of industry standards.

Recently, Barry gained the 4098 unit standard, which teaches people how to assess workplace training. He has also been appointed as an LBP Scheme assessor for external plastering.

A former boxer, Barry has been New Zealand champion six times and these days he enjoys travelling to watch big fights, with David Tua a favourite.
He also enjoys following the fortunes of a talented trio of daughters, particularly as they compete in dancing competitions. In July he travelled to Los Angeles for the World Performing Arts Championships where his youngest daughter danced and the eldest sang. Both girls won a range of gold, silver and bronze medals in their disciplines.

By becoming the first licensed external plasterer, Barry joins the ranks of more than 600 practitioners in the scheme who are licensed in one of the design, site supervision, or trade classes.